Notice of Filing Lien Form

W.S. § 29-10-103. Form of notice of filing lien

[(a) Notice of filing a lien shall be sent to the record owner of the property against which the lien shall be filed and shall be completed in substantially the following form:]

[Note to lien claimant: This form, if filled out correctly and sent within the time periods specified in W.S. 29-2-107 constitutes prima facie evidence that you have provided the content of the notice required by W.S. 29-1-312(c). If you have any questions regarding how to fill out this form or whether it has been filled out properly, you should consult an attorney.]

Contact Me 9


To: ____________________________________

Record owner or agent of owner (note: If there is more than one (1) owner, use a form for each owner)

Date: _______________, 20___

Re: Notice of Filing Lien

This letter shall serve as notice to you pursuant to W.S. 29-1-312 that _____________________ (hereinafter the “lien claimant”) has filed a lien against your property.